Foto Cati Isern Historia

C.F. Isern i Fiol

In art and florar design
Number 0187 series M

C.F. Isern studied at the School of Floral Arts of Catalonia, always at the forefront, training day to day, and funder of Flors i Verdesca in the year 1984. Together with herteam, they present a contemporary concept in floristry, betting for creative works according to the current public. Pioneering in the use of materials totally different from this field, and always in the lookout for newer ones. Cati, in the year 1989, used in her works all types of succulents and green ornamentals never used before. By having her own nurseries of green ornamentals and some other flowers, it has allowed them to experiment and offer in their arrangements an extraordinary freshness. 


In these moments, it is the best florist of Majorca, perfectly prepared to perform any kind of work. Always present in national and international exhibitions and floral displays.

Men and women pass by their shop where they need to communicate an emotion or send a message, for those moments where they cannot find words: heartbreaks, gratitude, admiration, respect, loss, love, celebration … Some buy flowers for a birth and others for a death as a last tribute. And others order these flowers to decorate and give a fresh air to their offices , or give life to their homes.>

That’s why in Flors i Verdesca not only flowers are sold, but emotions as well. 

Exciting, feel!

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